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BELGRAVIA guarantees you a high-quality service, and a Professional assessment.

As part of apartment sell, a villa, a building, a business, in NICE or surrounding areas, we are capable to suggest you, a real objective work, professional and confidential.

GOAL : Independence about our work, calculation method, baselines, demonstrated value.

PROFESSIONAL : The presentation of written document with pictures and reference.

CONFIDENTIAL : Value Opinion striclty for private use, revealed to another person only on your written request.

We can be apply for an inheritance, a division of property, as part of divorce, or any other legal framework needing to identify a true value.

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BELGRAVIA is a property expert, mumber’s chamber of the real estate expert of France FNAIM.

The property expert has a key role about the real estate economy of our country. Like the purchase, the sale, the transmission, a donation, a succession, sharing, tax report, or whether the active development,
individuals, notary, lawyers, judges, company, public institution, all of which require at some point, an expert in property evaluation.

The property expert follow 3 rules :

OBJECTIVITY :  Leads to independence expert, guarantee our credibility. Through « The validity of the value » method of calculation, reference basis, expert network, the roots has to be multiple ans the value

COMPETENCY : The expert update continuously his know-how : He follows each year continue training cyrcles, in the field of technical, legal, economic and urban , in order to improve his knowledge and stay
always in terms of the profession.

PROFESSIONALISM : Is the materialization of the prefession, the achievment about the work of the expert : The remission of an expert report to the customer, documents recognised as referent by the whole
community sphere of real estate.


Please contact us in order to show the property or all the properties needed a valuation, and tell us the purpose of your request.

The expert etablished determine a mission order, afford to determine the scope of the mission, as well as his honorary. Only after the acceptation of the mission order that our interventions can be done.

The visiting day, we will ask you to bring together any communication documents about your property, useful to the expertise (ownership title, site map, etc..)

After the visiti, you will be sent his detailed report.

We are committed to apply our works in keeping with the charter of expertise property valuation of wich mumber’s chamber of the real estate expert of France FNAIM.

For more than 40 years, thousands contractor trust the mumber’s chamber of the real estate expert of France FNAIM.

Today more than 700 experts in property valuation are member to the chamber, make the first organization of french experts.

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